How to Persuade Your Organization

Convincing team members why your organization needs an internal podcast.

They Say: “We have no time.”

  • Record, edit background noise, cut out awkward pauses, add music, and distribute each new internal podcast episode in 15 minutes or less with WorkPerfectly’s software.

They Say: “We don’t have anything to talk about.”

  • Start by repurposing internal content already done. The question isn’t whether to do an internal podcast OR a company newsletter OR a live All Hands meeting. Podcasting is just THE channel for employee engagement that most closely mimics the medium employees enjoy outside work. No one watches recorded Zoom meetings in their free time 🙂

They Say: “No one would listen.”

  • The majority of Americans are podcast listeners; this includes your organization’s employees.
  • According to research from Spotify, podcast listening peaks between 9am and 5pm, so your workforce is likely already listening to podcasts on company time –  let’s give them audio content that helps them be more engaged with your organization, instead of farther away.

They Say: “We are nervous to spend money on podcasting.”

  • WorkPerfectly’s episode creation suite is designed for podcasting beginners to use… without needing to spend money on outside production support or new equipment. Using our software saves you money!
  • We also often recommend running an internal survey first on if the team is interested in listening to a private employee podcast. If over 40% of the employees say they would listen to a podcast, that is reason enough to start exploring podcasting.

They Say: “Security is a big concern.”

  • WorkPerfectly private employee listening software is enterprise browser-based and powered by Single Sign-on (SSO) security.
  • With WorkPerfectly, you can integrate podcast distribution into your company’s intranet, with no separate apps or passwords needed.
  • We are also SOC-2 compliant and, as a team of engineers ourselves, are very IT-team friendly.

The #1 private podcasting platform, trusted by billion-dollar companies

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The #1 private podcasting platform, trusted by billion-dollar companies

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